Crossroads Is A Regional Shopping Center Developer

Crossroads Companies LLC is based in Mahwah, NJ. We develop supermarket-anchored shopping centers, as well as own net leased properties. We represent supermarkets, institutional investors, municipalities, universities, family offices, developers, and retail chains.

We have experience in all phases of real estate development, construction, project finance, leasing and property management. Our core philosophy is to build generational wealth for our clients and investors.

If you are a property owner seeking to unlock the value of your asset or a retailer seeking local expertise and/or a build-to-suit developer, we present a one-stop alternative for development services. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Start Your Project with Us

Let us help you determine the highest and best use for your property. We can help you to avoid common, costly mistakes. Keep in mind multiple factors can have significant impacts on the outcome of your real estate project, such as site constraints, soil conditions, age of building, size of parcel, height, signage, zoning restrictions, use restrictions, as well as the availability and cost of bringing utilities to the site.

We will assist you to develop a pro forma that anticipates development risks including site, building and soft expenses. We retain the best regional architects, engineers and land use attorneys for our own projects. We will evaluate financing alternatives, identify potential anchor tenants and provide realistic time frames for project start through completion dates. Why not go into a project with your eyes open, and exit with a profitable outcome? Piggy-back on our success; take advantage of our experience.

Find New Locations. Understand Competitive Impacts. Increase Sales and Profits.

We can assist you with site selection, strategic planning and competitive impact analysis. Supermarket Consultant Group ["SCG"] is one of the premier market research firms based in northern New Jersey. We cover NJ, NY and the surrounding metro areas. We work with supermarket chains, food distributors and wholesalers, and real estate investors. Our principals have over 3+ decades experience providing market research services for our clients. Our skill set as developers and our background in the supermarket industry sets us apart from the competition. Let us help you make an informed business decision.

Is The Need To Allocate Capital Starving Your Company?

If capital constraints prevent your company from achieving its strategic objectives, we can be of assistance. We help our clients monetize undervalued and non-core real estate assets. We structure and/or participate in sole purpose LLC's to help you fund real estate projects. We can provide an exit strategy for the return of your investment capital.

If you are a passive, risk-adverse owner, we can help you structure a long-term ground lease with escalation provisions which might be a better alternative to selling your property. Let us help you structure a financeable ground lease, secure a credit tenant, obtain favorable tax treatment and-best of all-retain an irreplaceable asset creating long-term wealth for your family and future generations.

We can tailor solutions to our clients' circumstances, so whether you seek advice or want to explore development or financing alternatives, Crossroads will help you look 'outside of the box'.